Living Through the Death of Capitalism – Joe Brewer

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I write these words not out of despair, but as an affirmation of the most rugged hopefulness I can muster. I was trained in climate science and I know what is coming. I have studied the rise and fall of empires so I am aware that fascist dictators and resource wars are likely to arise in the turmoil of the coming decades.
-Joe Brewer


Are you too old to find success? | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian

At what age are you too old to achieve breakthrough success in your field? That question fascinates so many people, I suspect, because almost nobody considers themselves already entirely successful. The unpublished novelist longs to be published, the published one yearns for bestsellerdom, the bestselling superstar craves the Booker prize. (Also, everyone always thinks they’re just a few years from being “over the hill”. The web is cluttered with listicles offering the supposedly reassuring information that, say, JK Rowling wasn’t a publishing sensation until, well, her early 30s.)
-Oliver Burkeman

Source: Are you too old to find success? | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian

This may seem a little out of the norm for this site, but I think its point about age not mattering is an important one to share. Keep pushing to create something better.

Why America needs a socialist movement

If the American left is to confront Donald Trump, it must have a movement with confidence and energy — one that will defend democracy with the same frantic urgency of conservatives trying to undermine it. In a word, it needs socialism.To see the power of a hardcore movement, you only need to look to North Carolina, where Democrat Roy Cooper won the governorship in a close race and where conservatives are now trampling over democracy and precedent in protest. The GOP-dominated legislature is holding a special session to reduce the governor to all but a figurehead. They’re slashing Cooper’s ability to appoint state bureaucrats and the trustees of the state university system, cementing control over the state electoral machinery, and sharply restricting the power of the state Supreme Court (where a Democrat won control of a swing seat).
-Ryan Cooper

Source: Why America needs a socialist movement

US hate incidents spike after Donald Trump elected | Al Jazeera

In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, the United States saw a “national outbreak of hate” with a spike in assaults, intimidation, and harrassments towards ethnic and racial minorities, including children, women, and the LGBT community, a US civil rights group says.The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said in a report released on Tuesday that it documented nearly 900 hate incidents within the 10 days following Trump’s election on November 8, but noted it was “almost certainly a small fraction of the actual number” because of underreporting.Many of the perpetrators invoked the president-elect’s name during the incidents, indicating the surge was linked or motivated by his electoral win, the report said.

Source: US hate incidents spike after Donald Trump elected | USA News | Al Jazeera

Slovenia adds water to constitution as fundamental right for all | Environment | The Guardian

Slovenia has amended its constitution to make access to drinkable water a fundamental right for all citizens and stop it being commercialised.

With 64 votes in favour and none against, the 90-seat parliament added an article to the EU country’s constitution saying “everyone has the right to drinkable water”.

Source: Slovenia adds water to constitution as fundamental right for all | Environment | The Guardian

TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New ‘Normal’ | FAIR

After wrongly predicting the election, political pundits are returning to TV talkshows to explain what will happen under a Trump presidency. But these predictions aren’t like TV anchors predicting the weather; these forecasts have a profound impact on the public reception to the Trump administration and the future course of US politics.The danger is that by normalizing Trump—a candidate distinguished by an embrace of political violence and open appeals to ethnic nationalism who boasted of getting away with sexual assaults—these commentators will make racist and sexist bullying an acceptable way to run for public office.
-Rohit Chandan

Source: TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New ‘Normal’ | FAIR

Racism With No Racists: The President Trump Conundrum | tressiemc

President-elect Donald Trump ran on a fundamentally racist platform.

President-elect Donald Trump promulgated the idea that Mexicans are rapists, blacks are trapped in inner cities, Muslims are terrorists and that America could only be great “again” by becoming what it was in the 1950s when all manner of de facto and de rigeur racism was common.

That is probably why noted and admitted white racist groups supported his candidacy, celebrate his election and congratulate themselves for winning.

For the media, this presents a special kind of problem for which modern media is poorly equipped.

-Tressie McMillan Cottom

Source: Racism With No Racists: The President Trump Conundrum | tressiemc

Nice, decent folks – Cold Takes

What I found more intriguing were the ethnographers, who were baffled by the living, breathing Klan members. These ethnographers found that Klansmen and Klanswomen seemed like “good” or “decent” folks. Even as Klan members defended racism, they seemed “nice,” polite even. In these earlier studies of white supremacists, a lingering question was: How could Klan members seem to be nice, decent folks while also being white supremacists?The first time I noticed an ethnographer’s shock and confusion over nice white supremacists, I thought it was a fluke. But after I read the performed shock and confusion again and again, I began to wonder what the hell was going on. The juxtaposition between decency and white supremacy was frankly bizarre. It was almost as if these ethnographers imagined that white supremacists would be just like their pop culture counterparts: ignorant, aggressive, mean, and oh-so-easily-identifiable with swastika tattoos and Klan robes peaking out of their closets. Pop culture obscures the heartbreaking ordinariness of member of white supremacist organizations. They look like other white people. They speak like other white people. They act like other white people.
-Kelly J. Baker

Source: Nice, decent folks – Cold Takes

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 by Milton Mayer, an excerpt

“You see,” my colleague went on, “one doesn’t see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone; you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ Why not?—Well, you are not in the habit of doing it. And it is not just fear, fear of standing alone, that restrains you; it is also genuine uncertainty.

Source: They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 by Milton Mayer, an excerpt