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Mylan shares surge on EpiPen settlement news

EpiPen said its subsidiary Mylan Inc. has agreed to a $465 million settlement with the Justice Department and other government agencies stemming from the classification of EpiPen for Medicaid rebates. The terms of the settlement “do not provide for any finding of wrongdoing” by Mylan… Source: Mylan shares surge on EpiPen settlement news The door […]

Tax Research UK » It’s time to re-embrace nationalisation, when it’s appropriate

“[T]here is no one answer as to ideal ownership structures. In the real world we need a mixed economy. Some things (natural monopolies like health and education if the benefit is to be universal) have to be state run. Others, such as coffee shops and a vast array of small businesses need no state involvement […]

The US Government Loses As Much As $111 Billion Annually Due to Corporate Tax Dodging –

The report estimates that the US loses $111 billion a year and that developing countries lose $100 billion annually due to corporate tax dodging. From 2008-2014, according to the report, the top 50 American corporations reported $4 trillion in profits and paid $1 trillion in taxes globally, with only $412 billion of that going to […]

How Boots went rogue | Aditya Chakrabortty | News | The Guardian

You know what rogue capitalism looks like. It is a pinstriped banker defending his bonus, a Silicon Valley executiveexplaining exotic tax practices to short-tempered MPs, a billionaire sportswear boss pouring more money into his pocket. It is zero-hours contracts and financial shadowplay, profits funnelled through offshore shell companies and giant warehouses teeming with temps on […]

Panama Papers Leak Signals a Shift in Mainstream Journalism –

the leak signaled something else that was a big deal but went unheralded: The official WikiLeaks-ization of mainstream journalism; the next step in the tentative merger between the Fourth Estate, with its relatively restrained conventional journalists, and the Fifth Estate, with the push-the-limits ethos of its blogger, hacker and journo-activist cohort, in the era of gargantuan […]

Lower Drug Prices Without Saying No | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research

There are undoubtedly other schemes that can be devised that pay for research without giving drug companies monopolies over the distribution of the drug. Obviously we do have to pay for the research, but we don’t have to use the current patent system. It is like paying the firefighters when they show up at the […]