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Bernie Sanders: Here’s what I’ll do the day after the election

I AM CURRENTLY working as hard as I can to see that Donald Trump is defeated, that Hillary Clinton is elected president, and that Democrats gain control of the US House and Senate. The day after the election, working with millions of grass-roots activists, I intend to do everything possible to make certain that the […]

Trumped both ways: ‘Snake Oil’ or ‘Business as Usual’ –

Donald Trump gives voice to many Americans who know that they are getting bamboozled. Yet here is the ultimate hustler, the very type who does so much of the bamboozling. Trust me, he says. Hillary Clinton gives voice to many who appreciate how dangerous her opponent could be. Trust me, she too says, while offering […]

Prison strikes kick off in protest conditions and slave labor

Today prisoners in at least 24 states are set to participate in a nationally coordinated strike that comes on the 45th anniversary of the prison uprising at Attica. Much like the prisoners who took over New York’s infamous correctional facility in 1971, today’s prisoners are protesting long-term isolation, inadequate healthcare, overcrowding, violent attacks and slave […]

Announcing the Re-launch of WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?

Earlier this year I attempted to launch the first book by the Wicked Problems Collaborative, and I admittedly did a poor job on multiple fronts. First, I set a release date that I thought I would reasonably give me enough time to complete the manuscript and “whatever else” needed to be done, without giving too much consideration […]

Tsipras Folded. Will Syriza Follow?

This is an old post that I thought had been lost forever when the WPC site suffered a catastrophic loss several months ago. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine came to the rescue! When we last left the unfolding Greek drama, it was a day before the referendum.  I was a doubting Thomas who thought fear would lead […]

PRESS RELEASE — WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE St. Louis, MO — The Wicked Problems Collaborative (WPC) is proud to announce the release of our debut offering, “WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?” on U.S. Labor Day (9/5/16). The economy isn’t working for most of us. Sure, a few have done exceptionally well in the wake of the Great […]