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Prison strikes kick off in protest conditions and slave labor

Today prisoners in at least 24 states are set to participate in a nationally coordinated strike that comes on the 45th anniversary of the prison uprising at Attica. Much like the prisoners who took over New York’s infamous correctional facility in 1971, today’s prisoners are protesting long-term isolation, inadequate healthcare, overcrowding, violent attacks and slave […]

Here’s why I’m terrified of Donald Trump | Opinion | The Guardian

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The portion of white Americans who support Trump are emboldened. The climate this creates for white American extremism and violence is the threat. Trump’s candidacy and his supporters are manifestations of white supremacy fighting back against a coming sea change in the demographics of this nation. I don’t know what I fear more at this […]

Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Is Killing Mexican Drug Cartels : Politics : Latin Post

According to an ABC News article, the legal production, sale and distribution of recreational marijuana in Colorado is one of the contributors of reduced smuggling operations by Mexican drug cartels. A post on the Weed Blog, a site that supports marijuana use and legalization, also acknowledges that drug trafficking by Mexican drug cartels waned, seeing a decline of up […]

Our terrified hyperpatriots: Here’s what Palin, Trump and anti-Muslim extremists fear most –

We shouldn’t parcel racism into discrete categories despite its unevenness. The conflation of anything undesirable with “Islam” has deep antecedents in U.S. slavery and colonization, but Middle Easterners and South Asians are capable of replicating earlier epochs of racism even as they suffer the consequences of its continued existence. To untangle these complexities, we have […]