Charity under pressure: cash, credibility and consumerism | British Politics and Policy at LSE


Such a spectre not only raises questions about Cameron’s claims about a stakeholder economy but also why, in the fifth richest country in the world, we tolerate such poverty and inequality. It isn’t because we don’t know. On the contrary, we now live and work in an information rich world where little is hidden from view. So is it because we don’t care? The answer to this question looms large on the horizon for most Charities whose risk registers see donors declining and increasing scepticism. It’s a trend that has arisen despite thousands of ordinary folk genuinely giving up their time to help those in need and reflects what appears to be a more qualified approach to the value of charitable organisations. It invites a worrying question; have we begun to fall out of love with charity?
-Neil Serougi



The world’s going mean. If you’re not feeling it now, when will you? Should you do something now, or should you wait til it’s upon you?

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