Keep Calm and Brexit On casts a lens on the ongoing mess of UK politics for outsiders who want to gain an understanding of what’s going on (and what’s at stake), and the detail necessary for those who are living through it to dig deeper.

Europe is at the brink of oblivion and the UK is trying to coax it over the edge. Theresa May’s Tories are leading the charge, while Jeremy Corbyn is dragging Labour along for the ride. While the story may seem like a suspense thriller with cliffhangers at every turn, the problems won’t go away when the book is closed. Down the Brexit Hole is an attempt to highlight the dangers of our current political environment and a call for all to do something about it. 
Keep Calm and Brexit On will be available on March 9, 2017.

KEEP CALM AND BREXIT ON? – Part 1: Down the Brexit Hole

Part I. It’s Not Dead Yet 

Part I sets the book up with an overview of the challenges within the EU and uses the struggles of Greece as a stark example.

1) A Broken Union 
2) A Greek Tragedy 

Part II. Should They Stay or Should They Go? 

Part II discusses factors that contributed to the referendum result and some of the challenges it is fostering.

3) Moving Goalposts 
4) Time to Go? 
5) What Happened? 
6) Deliberate Austerity 
7) Unhealthy Choice 
8) Don’t Globalize Me, Bro 
9) Creeping Xenophobia 
10) We Don’t Need No Education? 
11) Cutting Off Their Noses 

Part III. Now what?! 

Part III looks at complicating factors, trends, and recent developments as the UK careens towards the triggering of Article 50, which would send them tumbling out of the EU.

12) Ashes, Ashes? 
13) The Neverending Tragedy 
14) Trumping Democracy 
15) An ‘Unfortunate Cock-Up’ 
16) Courting Disaster 
17) Parliament is Sovereign
18) In or Out? 

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