Something Better Than a Fuck Off Fund



If you take out the things that we already know, what are you left with? What’s the message of this article?

The message is: it’s your responsibility.

If you’re trapped in a shit job, or a horrible relationship, and you cannot possibly leave… it’s your fault.

So then the people who couldn’t save… or the ones who saved and their shitty partner took all the money away from them… or the ones who saved and then got sick and had to pay out thousands on medical bills… or the ones who saved and then got pregnant in a country which gave them no access to abortion… or the ones who saved and still didn’t save enough… they still cannot fuck off.

And in the meantime support services are getting cut, politicians are arguing about giving you ‘incentives’ to work, or discussing whether it’s right that you should be given free healthcare or access to abortion, and you think – ‘hmm. Somewhere in here I have to do all this, and also save for a fund in case their threats to remove access come true.’

We all need it. (Some far more than others.) But it’s getting harder to come by.