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Review of WPC Book 1 from Econ Autodidactic

We received a nice review from J. Edgar Mihelic via his Econ Autodidactic blog that raises a couple of good questions about WPC Book 1. As this is my first effort as a publisher, getting good, honest feedback will be critical to learning along the way, so I owe a debt of gratitude to J. Edgar for providing me with a […]

Announcing the Re-launch of WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?

Earlier this year I attempted to launch the first book by the Wicked Problems Collaborative, and I admittedly did a poor job on multiple fronts. First, I set a release date that I thought I would reasonably give me enough time to complete the manuscript and “whatever else” needed to be done, without giving too much consideration […]

PRESS RELEASE — WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE St. Louis, MO — The Wicked Problems Collaborative (WPC) is proud to announce the release of our debut offering, “WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?” on U.S. Labor Day (9/5/16). The economy isn’t working for most of us. Sure, a few have done exceptionally well in the wake of the Great […]

Is white America blind on racism, or just playing dumb? | Clive Myrie | Opinion | The Guardian

What world is white America living in? Surely the statistics say it all. Half of black Americans who are born poor stay poor; black students attend the worst schools; 1.6 million black men aged 24-54 have disappeared from civic life because they have died or are in prison. If you’re black in Milwaukee, and earning $100,000, you’ll […]

Charity under pressure: cash, credibility and consumerism | British Politics and Policy at LSE

Such a spectre not only raises questions about Cameron’s claims about a stakeholder economy but also why, in the fifth richest country in the world, we tolerate such poverty and inequality. It isn’t because we don’t know. On the contrary, we now live and work in an information rich world where little is hidden from […]

The Melting Away of North Atlantic Social Democracy

Plutocrats and their ideologues like to claim that too equal an income distribution destroys incentives to work and turns us into a “nation of takers.” But a return to the inequality levels of the 1960s would not turn us into Maoist China. In the relevant range of levels of inequality, it is much more likely […]

New Report Reveals Just How Badly Black Women-Led Startups Are Being Underfunded |Co.exist

Black women lead just .04% of the total number of women-led tech startups in the U.S., according to a newly released report by Digital Undivided’s #ProjectDiane—a research study evaluating 88 tech companies led by black women. Of that group, only 11 had raised $1 million or more. The remaining 77 raised an average of just […]