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With this ‘mirage of a marketplace’, Uber is taking its customers for a ride | John Naughton

The crassness of neoliberalism lies in its insistence that markets represent the only way of making them. Hence the belief that one can make organisations such as the NHS or the BBC more “efficient” by introducing “internal markets” of the kind that John Birt tried in the BBC during his tenure as director general, with […]

Pando: Bright Young Flacks: “Cameron’s Cronies” now drive Silicon Valley’s most sinister propaganda machine

But let’s be clear: Plouffe’s departure (and it is a departure) to be replaced by Rachel Whetstone is an absolutely fascinating, and important, story. To Brits like me, it’s also a story that telegraphs clearly how Uber intends to get more, not less, aggressive and shady in its dealings with both lawmakers and the media. If you […]

Tim O’Reilly: Precarity’s Cheerleader

“Uber and Airbnb are interesting because they are really internet of things platforms. They are able to catalyse a swarming marketplace management model because everyone is carrying around a connected sensor package.”People are embracing these new work platforms not just because they can but because the experience is more human and relevant and empowering. People […]

Uber Drivers Threaten to Strike

“We always welcome feedback from driver-partners,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. Read the full story here: They’re “driver-partners,” because they collectively have a large equity position, and significant influence on decision-making. And yet they’re threatening to go on strike. Got it.