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Trumped both ways: ‘Snake Oil’ or ‘Business as Usual’ – Mintzberg.org

Donald Trump gives voice to many Americans who know that they are getting bamboozled. Yet here is the ultimate hustler, the very type who does so much of the bamboozling. Trust me, he says. Hillary Clinton gives voice to many who appreciate how dangerous her opponent could be. Trust me, she too says, while offering a steady stream of reasons why people cannot. Sure we all have our flaws, but among 320 million Americans, could two not be found with flaws that reveal an underlying integrity?

How is anyone to believe that either candidate will deal with the deeply-rooted problems of America today: income disparities, the legal corruption of political donations, a warming globe that needs to be cooled, crony capitalism that has harmed so much of the American middle class? Add to this the ultimate problem: an uncanny tendency to deal with all these fires by repeatedly pouring oil on them.
-Henry Mintzberg & John Breitner

Source: http://www.mintzberg.org/blog/trumped-both-ways


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