World heading for catastrophe over natural disasters, risk expert warns | Global development | The Guardian

Failure to plan properly by factoring in the effects of climate change, he added, would result in a steep rise in the vulnerability of those people already most exposed to natural hazards. He also predicted a rise in the number of simultaneous disasters.

“As the odds of any one event go up, the odds of two happening at the same time are more likely. We’ll see many more examples of cascading crises, where one event triggers another event, which triggers another event.”

I attended a presentation at Lloyd’s of London a few years back, in which the speaker told us that in years without a major natural disaster, all of the firms made hay, but in years with one, they all struggled and many firms went out of business. I asked what happened in years when two such events occurred. They said that had never happened. I then asked what might happen if it did occur and received black stares in response.

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