• WPC Book 2: What do we do after the pandemic?

    Ideas for beneficial systems change

  • WPC Book 2: What do we do after the pandemic?

    We've made a mess of the systems we depend on and can't go on like this. 


    WPC Book #2 asked contributors to survey the landscape and address the systems change they believe would most benefit humanity. Chapters look back on the 'before' and the 'during,' and put forth a mix of concrete and abstract suggestions aimed at pointing us down a better path for the 'after.'


    WPC Book #2 book will challenge you to consider both what's normal and what's possible. It will invite you to think about some of the ways in which we live and the reasons why. It will also invite you to consider what life might be like if we stopped doing destructive things and replaced them with generative practices. In short, it is a hopeful book about, and for, our collective future.


    Our lives can be far better than that which we've known, but before we can demand it we have to know what we want. It's time to figure what we want the future to be like and start building it.

    WPC Book #2 will be available for pre-order in February 2021.
  • Table of Contents

    1. The Shape of Things to Come - Kati Sipp

    2. Degrowth as a Response to COVID-19 and
      the Ecological Crises - Riccardo Mastini 

    3. The Necessity of Non-Market Relationships - Sam Bliss

    4. Reclaiming Public Space - Jacob Bacharach

    5. The Aliens Among Us - Paul Fidalgo

    6. Combat ‘Fake News’ with Positive Narratives - Suzy Waldman

    7. The Great Sifting - John Wenger

    8. Towards Evicting Monopoly - David Atkins

    9. Henry George and the Call for a PostPandemic Idea -Nicholas Archer 

    10. Worker Ownership and Control - Gabriel Mathy

    11. The Stakeholder Virus and the Pandemic of Business for Good - Russ Stoddard

    12. Resetting Our Foundations - Jamie Cooke

    13. Pull the Plug on Disinformation - Chris Oestereich


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    WPC Book #2 will be available for reviewers in March 2021.

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