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Our next release, Pandemic Capitalism, is by WPC founder, Chris Oestereich. His new book takes a look at the state of global capitalism and looks at the potential benefits of universal basic incomes.
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Pandemic Capitalism: From Broken Systems to Basic Incomes

Our economic system isn’t working for most of humanity. Governments have long kicked the can on major problems with band-aids, rather than undertake the required investments and deliver necessary systems change. The coronavirus has laid the folly plain.

Pandemic Capitalism features essays on the possibility offered by Universal Basic Incomes, couched in the context of the global pandemic. In this age of growing precarity, we need to look at new ways of sharing the spoils of our economies, while also getting production back within planetary limits. Pandemic Capitalism looks at this mess from a systems lens and makes the case for a transition to a future that’s more sustainable and just than the outcomes we currently endure.

Praise for Pandemic Capitalism

Midwest Book Review

Pandemic Capitalism will reach readers who have a special interest in social, political, and economic issues.

-Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Socialist Standard

The author is right to say that we live ‘on a planet where much of the food that is grown goes to waste, we destroy unsold garments, and homes sit empty’. The question he asks about what the world could look like if people were able ‘to choose a collaborative orientation, rather than being forced into a competitive one’ is also entirely pertinent to the endeavours of socialists to open up people’s imagination to the possibility of a different kind of world, one of cooperative work at all levels and free access to all goods and services, where, in the words of one of this book’s chapter titles, we would all be ‘sharing the bounty’.

-Howard Moss


(He) believes that such rents would protect workers and reduce pressure on resources. It could help change mindsets in which we accumulate and constantly demand more from our economies. He asks the right questions about the need for UBI, and feeds a debate that is not over!


Reader Reviews

For those wishing to explore the compelling reasons for universal basic incomes (UBI), the author offers an update on the obvious ones. But less traveled are the back roads to our assumptions: the profit motive, the ‘invisible hand’ of the marketplace, winner-takes-all competition, and other unexamined beliefs that have run the course. These paradigms need to be challenged, for they have laid out a roadmap headed for a cliff.

-Kriss Avery, Rainbow Sound

In his new and engaging book, “Pandemic Capitalism”, Mr. Oestereich joins the clamour for ushering in a scheme of Universal Basic Income (UBI) so that people of all strata irrespective of caste, colour, creed, sex, religion and other extraneous factors, can lead a life of dignity, self-esteem, and self-sustenance.


Overall, it was a well-written book full of interesting points. The author did a good job of making his content academic and informed, but still understandable by those who are not experts in the field of economics.

Anna Scott

Pandemic Capitalism is available via a variety of retailers.

What Do We Do About Inequality? (WPC Book 1)

Wicked problems are the massive, intractable issues which tend to defy solutions or even progress. They’re interconnected and systemic, so attempts to initiate change often ripple through in unexpected ways. Things like war, epidemics, and climate change are just a few of the things which the Wicked Problems Collaborative will take on.

Our first book “What do we do about inequality?” looks at rampant and growing disparities in various forms and looks to help the reader understand these problems from new perspectives, while also offering ideas towards creating outcomes that are more just than those that are currently endured. 

Check out a sample, or pick up a copy of WPC Book 1.

Praise for WPC Book 1:

With article topics ranging from moral and ethical conundrums to very specific commentary on the problems of current economic models, there’s no better choice for labor relations, economics, or business and social issues debates than this collection, which considers the roots of fairness and justice.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The Dividing Kingdom: Keep Calm and Brexit On?!

The Dividing Kingdom follows the UK’s ongoing saga with the European Union. It looks at some of the issues and major forces that helped bring the EU referendum into being. These include things like austerity, cuts to the National Health Service and education, concerns about globalization, and fomented xenophobia factors that contributed to the Leave result in the EU referendum. It then turns to the fallout of the referendum and the revelations that occurred in its wake. It also looks at politicians’ shifting goals and the stories they told on the way to the historic result in attempting to find order amidst the chaos.

The Dividing Kingdom will be released in 2021.

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